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Come Winter - and my beloved sweaters and shawls

I tend to go in the more comfortable direction this time of year, I take a look at my suits and jackets and jump directly into a sweater, the ones you find in the shop is so elegant and comfortable – and don’t miss out on the knitted pants. The colours are classic this season, sensible and toned down.

Off course I always wear my knit with accessories like earrings, and here you will also find a fine little selection in the shop. All the earrings are inspired by antiques historic pieces, and I find that they add something feminine to any outfit.

Shawls, is a must to – and I have been so lucky to find a few amazing old shawls in Delhi. Shawls that has been fixed and repaired, that has lived. They are between 40-50 years old, they are all in pashmina – and I learned that pashmina is an old Persian word; PASH means hidden – MINA means tissue. Pashmina is cashmere but in the old days it was only called Pashmina. Many uses the words completely incorrect today, for any kind of shawls, that never saw a tread of cashmere.

The shawls have had RAFU – which is a Hindi word for the repair they go through fixing the slits and holes that comes with 40 years of wear. sometimes its very hard to see its been fixed, but personally I find it so charming that you can actually buy something

Rafu is an old profession in India, and you found them everywhere, mending the holes and general wear in shawls, and knit.

You will find a small and personal selection in my shop, please do ask if you have anything on your mind.

X Marianne

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