Welcome to our universe here at the Lake,
we have opened the doors to our showroom, and we would love to invite you to
visit us here in Villa Carlia, where you can see and feel the products we do,
and try them on as well.

Let us know in advance either on a mail ciao@lacarlia.com or simply sent us a
message on Instagram.

 At this point our showroom is filled with
Kamelia flowers from the garden, the lemons are more than ready to be picked,
the birds are singing, and life at the lake is coming out of its winter sleep
to welcome all the people who visits the lake every year.

If you are visiting, we highly recommend that you follow @wonderlakecomo on Instagram.

They not only suggest the most
charming restaurants, bars, and hotels. They also share so many cultural
experiences that you wouldn’t find yourself, as well as a bit off shopping – fx La Carlia.

Every year, they create a beautiful book that
you can find in selected shops bars and restaurants.


We hope to see you.  

Until then.

X Marianne