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The wonder of the Lake

I never lived by a lake before, and it took me many years to understand the impact a lake has on you. The enormous energy that amount of water in the lake represents, not to mention the hills surrounding it. There is not one single day, where we are not aware that we live in such beauty, living in this wonder is quite special.

We talk about the water here. When it has rained, we check the water level of the sea, when it hasn’t rained for ages, we check as well, and just before the weather is changing, the lake sends out a certain smell so you kind of know change is on its way.

Dressing is another thing that changes living here. Now, I never wanted to let go of style, but I did get more practical, I might had  as well, if I was living in another place, since I believe even with age we change maybe not style, but shape, or fit. For me it’s very important that I feel is good in what I wear, that is has comfort and an elegant vibe – without letting go of style, naturally.

We are in early September, the season is changing now, the shadows get longer, the light is warmer, and we slowly look forward to move into another wardrobe, from colourful to more toned down, form
thin light cottons to thicker qualities matched with wool and silk.

The new seasons thicker crisp cotton poplins has arrived, and in a few weeks we have a new knit capsule coming, in thick wonderful merino wool with cashmere, and our favourite raglan sleeves, that we
find underlines the relaxed elegant silhouette we want La Carlia to be.  

Enjoy the late summer light, we are here to help if you need it, just write us a message on our new chat service, send a DM on Instagram, or a mail on


X Marianne