The story

La Carlia – A wardrobe

"Through life your style evolves. Some loose interest in their own and others adapt and edit to what they think suit their age and lifestyle. I have found that with my age. I am much more comfortable and relaxed in my body now and how I am being perceived. I simply dress for my own pleasure. "


This year has been with closed shutters to the outside world for many of us. It's been about reflecting over the past and opening up towards oneself - which can be quite interesting for a restless soul. 


Marianne has been a traveller most of her life. From her travels she has created a collection of textiles -  everything from small 18th centuries woven bits to handmade embroidered and printed pieces. 


"I am well acquainted with both Italy where I live as well as India. I've been traveling in India for many years and it has now become my second home since my daughter lives there with her husband. The common values and signatures of these countries speaks directly to me and I draw from both worlds on all levels. I hope women of different ages, types and cultures can find themselves in my little wardrobe and universe. It was very important to me with this first collection, to have a narrative of colors and prints. To me, these pieces are without age, time and season. And everybody is welcome."