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The Villa

In 2008 we visited a friend who had settled down by the lake. We had been here 20 years earlier and vividly remembered the beauty of the lake.

What struck us was that time stands still here, nothing had really changed. The pace was unstressed, friendly and old school polite. For the fun of it, we visited a real estate agent who showed us Villa Carlia, the one and only property we looked at. It felt like the house spoke to us, ‘please come and give me some loving tender care’.


We didn’t get the Villa until 2011. And 10 years after, here we are. Living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 


The villa was built in 1676 by Antonio De Carli. It has been a family home, it has been gambled away, it has been a part of feuds and been split up into apartments and is one of the oldest villas on the lake.